About Me

Hi! I'm Claire!

I am the daughter of Dave and Connie.
I grew up in the Czech Republic, and went through Czech schooling.
I am a Missionary Kid. And now I get to serve with Josiah Venture as an adult too! 
I graduated in 2016 from Moody Bible Institute. 
I love art, cooking, and baking. 
I am gluten, lactose and coconut-intolerant.
I love tea.
Snail-mail is the most wonderful day-maker. 
Dark chocolate is my favorite (macarons are too!).
Snowflakes make me happy. 
But thunderstorms are the best. 
I love Jesus most of all. Or rather, he loves me, even as I am weak and but a broken (sinful!) vessel, given forgiveness and life only in him. His grace astounds me again and again. 

Feel free to contact me at:


Why do I blog?

I have asked myself this question many times!

I always come back to the same answer: because I want to experience and share the joys of life. I notice that when I'm constantly looking for things to smile about, and things to be thankful for (not to mention, things to write about), that I actually feel more content. Recounting the Lord's goodness and the ways he is teaching me about himself settles my heart. More importantly though, I pray it can glorify His name!

I also love photography. My blog is motivation to continue capturing life and the changes that happen; whether it be in our family, in the weather, or in my day-to-day activities.

The last reason I decided to blog was because I want to remember these joys in life. It helps me keep perspective. Perspective is important for someone like me, who can get wrapped up in the everyday cares and lose track of God's greater story at work.

It helps to know, and document, that there is always something to be thankful for. They are small things, but they add up to the big picture of life.

That's why I blog.