Tuesday, March 24, 2020

It's Been a While

I haven't used this blog for quite some time, but as the quarantine days stretch on during COVID-19, I wanted to use this space to document the beauty of the quiet moments. These are unusual times. The last time a global pandemic swept into the lives of thousands of people...millions of people...was a hundred years ago. While this has happened in history before, nothing prepares you for the possibility of it coming again. Yet, here we are. In our homes.

What day of quarantine is it now? I haven't even been keeping track. I know it has been over a week now, but with the flurry of information each day, meaningful conversations over Zoom and FaceTime, and the creativity of working from home, the days have felt oddly short. That's one thing I didn't expect from this time of quarantine.

I have also been incredibly grateful to be "in this together" with my family, who all live nearby right now. We've opted to be each other's company and to visit one another in our respective "quarantine zones", which I feel relieved by, since otherwise I'd be in my apartment alone! The government has not prohibited walks outside, nor visiting family, so we gather at my parents' house and wash our hands often.

Still, even the quiet days in my apartment have been filled with sunshine, plants and crisp morning air. I will note that when it rains and when the clouds rolls in like a blanket over this valley, the days at home feel dimmer. I'm finding it remarkable what a difference the sun makes.

I don't know what all lies ahead of us in the coming days and weeks. The news changes by the day, by the hour. Yet, in the midst of all of this, I see the Lord bringing his people together in new ways, and I pray that we have "ears to hear" the words he speaks to us as we wait on him, surrendering our plans, our future, and our hopes to his safe hands.