Thursday, September 6, 2018

Scripture Music Collection (for kids and adults!)

Growing up, one of the best nights of the week was "family night". We gathered once a week to enjoy play, learning, worship, Bible stories or prayer together, trading off between those various things and sometimes doing them all at once. No matter what we did, I loved it.

Some of my memorable "play" evenings included the time we created unusual animals and landscapes out of vegetables and toothpicks, or when we pulled all the mattresses off of our beds and into the living room to make a giant jumping and gymnastics playground. I also loved when we had big cardboard boxes leftover from a trip to the States, because we could create costumes and mazes out of those amazing boxes.

But other nights, I would climb on top of the piano and dangle my legs off the side while my mom played and we all worshiped the Lord in song. We belted out familiar tunes like "Oh God, You Are My God" (my personal favorite as a five-year-old!), and happily sang along with my parents to Steve Green's Scripture song lyrics. All of us kids knew them by heart after listening to them constantly on our cassette tape players.

Here is a little snippet of some of that singing. My mom used to record over old sermon tapes, so you'll hear a blip in this recording that shows it's authentic from the 90's! The giggle at the beginning of this is me. It still makes me laugh every single time! Caleb sings the first song, and Tyler nails the second one with amazing pitch, seriously. 

As a kid I didn't realize the impact this music had on me, but as I grew older, I clung to the truths that had settled into my heart through familiar melodies. I remember few specific Bible lessons from my elementary school days, but I remember almost all of the songs I learned during that time.

Now that I am an adult, I am realizing that Scripture still has a way of resonating within me when it's put to song. It hums along in the background of life and then comes clearer to view as the Spirit reminds me of specific passages at opportune times. I need those songs filled with the Word now just as much as when I loved boxes of imported Sunmaid raisins and pink turtlenecks.

When it comes to memorization, I often make up songs to passages I'm studying (more on that another's kind of embarrassing and funny and useful at the same time). But I also love finding talented musicians who do a much better job at this than I do! Since these artists have been instrumental (no pun intended!) in my own walk with the Lord, I want to share some of my favorites with you. I will include a list for all ages and one for families with kids too.

May these songs, the Word, dwell in your heart deeply and bring truth to your everyday life.


Scripture Lullabies

These lullabies are great for kids, but they are a treasure for anyone! These songs soothe anxious hearts and proclaim who God is.

David Baloche

I often enjoy this mellow music while working or studying.

The Corner Room

A recent discovery! This group quotes the Psalms directly from the ESV translation in their songs, and their style is more acoustic, with beautiful harmonies.

Shane and Shane: Psalms

Shane and Shane brought Scripture songs into "popular" Christian music, and I still love this album!

Verses Project

You can download countless songs from the Verses Project website. They partner with various artists and even create artwork to go along with their music.

The Psalms Project 

This project is pretty cool, because their goal is to set all of the Psalms to music. I don't love all of their songs, but some of them are wonderful.


Seeds Family Worship

Seeds continues to update their music and be a great resource to families.

Songs for Saplings

Did you ever memorize the "ABC's of Bible Verses" when you were a kid? I didn't, but maybe it's not too late with this album available on Spotify! This group also offers great theology songs for kids too.

Mark Altrogge 

I especially enjoy the albums Ends of the Earth and Walk Humbly. 

Steve Green: Hide Em in Your Heart 

Last, but not least, my all-time childhood favorite! These songs will always have a special place in my heart. These are classics.


UPDATE: Other music that has been recommended to me recently is:

GT and the Halo Express

Slugs and Bugs

Do you have any others you would add to this list? Leave a comment below! I'd love to listen to your favorites too!