Monday, January 8, 2018

First JV Office Day

It was my first day in the JV offices today, and I couldn't believe when I sat down at the (well, I suppose I should say "my") desk how the Lord has led up until now. 

Who would have guessed that the same office building I used to visit in high-school when I needed to pick something up from my dad on my lunch break, would be the place that I would drive to work to on a dreary rainy Monday? 

Who would have guessed that years studying at Moody in downtown Chicago would lead right back to this town - the town with no traffic lights, with fog and smog and the prettiest valleys and mountains. Sometimes we don't see the sun for days. Sometimes I recognize a former elementary schoolmate in the grocery store. We both wonder if we should say hi. This is the town in the valley where the threads of my childhood criss-cross the side streets and rivers.  

Not only was it surreal to be at the offices today, but I got to think about the JV Kids all day today. Tomorrow I'll think about them too. And the next day. Serving those kids and their families, whom I love, is my job. Wow.  

I still wake up feeling small and insufficient for all that is ahead. As familiar as this place is to me, this role is new. Being a missionary is new.

Yet, as my alarm clock goes off each morning, and I recite sleepily (sometimes in thought, sometimes aloud): "I am not my own, but belong to God. I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me," I find myself still feeling small, yet comforted and renewed by the greatness of our God. This God chooses us. He calls us his own, and he calls us by name. We are his ambassadors. These homes we dwell in are like embassies for his Heavenly Kingdom. And Christ is King. 

Thus, here we all are. We are showing up. And we are eagerly and hopefully (and sometimes fearfully too, right?) awaiting God to show up. We wait for his voice. We wait for him to sift through the muddled thoughts in our heads. We wait for him to convict our hearts and show us truth. We wait for him to use us for his name's sake. 

You know what? He loves to show his glory. 

So we wait with confidence. Oh yeah. That's what faith is - assurance of things hoped for, conviction of things not seen (Heb. 11:1). How I'm praying that God strengthens mine (goodness, I can't do that alone!), and yours on this very day. Though that may come through trial or silence or suffering or waiting, he will show his glory and he will draw us near in Christ. 


  1. SOOOOO good Claire!!!! WOW. Your first day in the office. Who EVER would have guessed this would happen?! ONLY GOD!!!


  2. What impressed me in this blogging are these wonderful words:

    "Sometimes we don't see the sun for days"

    "I find myself still feeling small"

    and These images feel positive in the morning

    Good luck


  3. Wow you are so super official now that you have an office to go to.

    When you see someone from school in the store just imagine it's meant to be and say hello. Maybe you will make their day better with your smile.


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