Monday, September 4, 2017

JV Kid's Camp 2017

It amazes me the way that time works. These past few weeks have been a cultural mish-mash, and the Lord's grace has abounded throughout each of these transitions! It was the greatest gift to get to be at JV Kid's Camp this year. Even though it was a quick trip over to Czech and then down to camp in Croatia, the Lord completely ordained that time and answered so many of your prayers!

There are countless stories to tell that I hope to share in person with you someday if ("when", I hope!!) we sit down for coffee or share a meal. From early mornings to late-night campfires, nutella to peanut butter, water games to "ultimate what" (ultimate frisbee, but played with food items instead!), Bible teaching to sword drills, small group time to worshiping our Lord and King together - it is the week that the kids look forward to all year.

Though we may not be catching up over an aeropress coffee (my personal favorite!), here are some photos to give you a glimpse of camp - some of the highlights.

Oh, and God works in the hearts of children. He truly does. And it's the most beautiful thing ever. Thank you for praying!

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I may not be showing direct photos of kids' faces here on this post, but I hope you get the feel of the camp through all the in-between photos too! 


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