Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Today and One Day

Today the kids I babysat played pretend "Bible study" at one point in the day.

Today the church I work at on Wednesday evenings included the kids in their worship leading and prayer service.

Today the kids at that same church prayed a blessing over the adults, and the adults over the kids.

Today I met four Korean kiddos and we had fun playing ball together, even though we couldn't speak the same language.

Today the Lord reminded me again why I get excited about how he is stirring the hearts of children, what a privilege it is to get a front-row seat to the praise, prayers and curious faith of children.

And today I heard a story of a teenager from a church in the city who took her life. This was the second story I heard of like this in the past week.

And I struggled to find words to express empathy to a friend last night, because relationships hurt sometimes and I haven't walked through what she is walking through.

And a few days ago I doubted my ability to enter back into Czech culture seamlessly, recognizing that I will undoubtedly have culture shock again as I adjust to "adult" life there in a way I have never experienced before.

And today I worshipped alongside kids at church, singing "You are good to me," and then also mourned from a distance with a friend who lost her grandmother.

The Kingdom is now and not yet. And oh, how I pray that the Lord's Kingdom would be here, just as it is in heaven. I praise him for snippets of that here, for ushering in his Kingdom even now, by his people and by his Word. Yet I long for the day when redemption is completed and all is right!

Let us pray the words of the six year-old from the family I lived with last month. After reading a Bible story one night before bed, we talked about Jesus returning for a second time to fulfill all of the promises God made, and to rule and reign as King in this world.

I asked her before bed, "Is there anything you'd like to pray for, Moira?"

"Pray that Jesus comes back soon. That'll be the best."

Yes, yes indeed. Maranatha: The Lord is coming. Let us take hope, and also rejoice in how he is already victorious!


  1. Sorry to hear about another suicide.
    Pray that Jesus will come back soon!

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