Monday, July 31, 2017

Andy Griffith and Classics

My family was never the kind that watched many old movies or classic TV series. I remember watching Sound of Music and Singing in the Rain, but my scope of classics did not go far beyond those. I never minded much, because honestly as a kid I thought I didn't like old movies!

Fast forward to today. Now as an adult I am continually surprised by the charm of old movies - they are like treasures!

I watched White Christmas for the first time in college with my roommates. I remember the evening my friends and I huddled on the hard floor of my dorm room (my bed was lofted, so you couldn't sit on it for movies anyways!) and watched Charade with Audrey Hepburn. Oh, so many delightful stories!

The family that I am living with has a 14-year-old ("M") at home who has now introduced me to two "new" old shows/movies.

1. The Andy Griffith Show

2. Father Goose


Oh, and we still somehow ended up on the floor of my room watching it. We were painting nails, so I suppose it was appropriate. M, thanks for introducing these treasures to me! They are delightful, and so are you. 


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