Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rhythms and Transition

Chaos or routine. 

Which would you choose? 

I suppose you could find something good and something hard in both. Maybe it's even a matter of perspective and personality. But maybe neither of these is the goal. 

In the past five months, I have lived in three different homes. In these months, I have also spent three weeks in three other homes for dogsitting, and have made trips to Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Oregon and Washington. This has been an adventure, and has also been stretching. 

There is no denying the fact that I look forward to the day when I move to Czech and get settled in an apartment there as I start working with the JV Kids. I will be visiting JV families across the 13 countries JV missionaries work in, but my homebase will be in Czech. I can't wait to host guests, create a home, offer it as a safe and welcoming space for people, and put away my storage tubs for a time!

Yet I am treasuring these months too. The Lord has met me in such kind ways when I have failed to trust him, to feel weary, confused or expectant of the future. He is teaching me to rest in him no matter the circumstances. It makes no sense, but he has brought peace and joy to each of those homes, each of those moves. He teaches me these days what it means to create rhythm, and to lean on his grace when I don't have strength to adapt on my own. 

One of those ways of creating rhythm amidst transition has meant enjoying the simple routines... like learning how to make coffee! I finally have my very own bag of Intelligentsia coffee, which feels very nostalgic after the years Tyler worked at Intelligentsia in the city. And the Aeropress is a travel-friendly coffee brewing method. I'm learning the tricks of the trade, and have a long ways to go to be like my brothers, but it has been fun!

Other rhythms that are travel-flexible, and transition-friendly:

  • Listening to the Word in the mornings - I'm an auditory learner, so this helps me focus, whether I'm on a walk, making breakfast or reading along in my Bible!
  • Savoring times in the car - these times can actually be restful as I am forced to simply think, ponder and focus on driving
  • Finding spaces and people that do remain constant no matter the moves - church, friendships, a park, a coffee shop, a lake
  • Prayer! Focusing on the Lord and on the people around me is the only way to get my eyes off of my own selfish desires and needs. This is where the Spirit convicts my heart and reminds me of truth from the Word too. He is constant to provide, and he gives joy to those who turn to him!
What are your "stability zones" in the midst of transition? Where do you turn to in the stress of chaos or the monotony of routine? May the Lord meet you precisely there. 


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