Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Oregon and Washington

These past two weeks have been full, rich and full of many moments that could only happen by the Lord's hand. I went on a support raising trip with my mom to Oregon and Washington, and I was surprised every single day by the way the Lord orchestrated timing of this trip. 

One day I hope I will get to share story after story of how God worked on this trip to Oregon and Washington, but let's do that over cups of coffee, ok? You can also check out my mom's blog - she captured these two weeks beautifully, even as they went by. 

There is no way to catch up on stories, but here is a little snapshot of what this trip meant. 

God goes before us. As I continue to process what these past two weeks meant, I hope to get to share a couple more snippets of God's work. Otherwise, I will continue to rejoice in the present, which now means the suburbs of Chicago!

Stay tuned for the everyday life posts coming soon!

Oh, also, a quick update on support raising - God has already graciously provided 42% of my monthly needs!

I can't wait to make the move over to Czech to begin my work with the JV Kids, and it thrills my heart to know that the departure date gets closer with every percentage of support that God brings. His timing is perfect, so I can trust that the remainder of my support will come when he knows best.

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