Monday, June 5, 2017

First Church Tailgate

Yesterday I found myself googling a word, because I wasn't positive what precisely it meant. Yes, I still have moments when I laugh at myself and realize that I'm still learning, no matter what culture I'm in. In this case, I learned a new American tradition. 

I got to attend my very first tailgate yesterday! Grace Church of DuPage kicked off their summer tailgates last week when I was still gone, but I was so delighted to be back for this Sunday for some "home church family time". These evenings will continue throughout the rest of these warm months, and I think it's the best idea ever. 

So although I may not have been positive about the meaning of a tailgate before, I'm the biggest fan of them now. We heard updates on missions and ministries that Grace members are involved in, ate bratwurst and hamburgers, and sat on the grass until the sun set and the mosquitos came out. 

How would a tailgate look in Czech? It would be considered a "grill party", and we would also have sausages and probably some grilled veggies and chicken. Sometimes we also make scrambled eggs with lard in a big pot over a fire in Czech, and it's the best.

There are ways to build community, live as family in Christ, and eat and spend time together in all cultures. Sometimes we just use different words - like "tailgate". 

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