Thursday, June 8, 2017

Before Support Raising Even Began

I will never forget the words the Lord whispered in my ear before I spoke at Moody's Founder's Week in February. Those words changed my entire experience and perspective for what has now been three and a half months of raising support.

It was the week before JV Orientation in Wheaton, and I had returned from Czech in time to be at Founder's Week down in the city.

I was sitting in the front row at Moody Church on the last day of Founder's Week, getting ready to speak in front of thousands of people for 6 minutes. I only had moments before I would be getting up to share my testimony of how Moody shaped me during my time there. I felt a knot twist in my stomach and a wave of nerves rush over me. I turned to the Lord in prayer. 

Moody Church - image courtesy of Caroline Nye Stevens

Before I could even utter any words in my heart to the Lord, he spoke gently to me:

"Claire, it's not about you." 

Reality. Relief. Release. 

This could have sounded harsh to some, but to me it was the kindest reminder he could have given me. My words - whether well delivered or not - were only to glorify him. That really took the pressure off! 

I felt the corners of my mouth turning up as I couldn't resist a smile.

I did not need to fear the crowd. Nope, this was for Him, for my Father. It was about him. And if his name was lifted up before these dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I would rejoice and be satisfied, no matter if I stumbled on any words in the process.

When I walked up the steps to the Moody church stage, I was excited. I was excited to show off the goodness and faithfulness of the God whom I trust. I smiled through most of my presentation because I couldn't help it.

It wasn't about me. 

It still isn't. 

And I still get excited about sharing testimony of God's goodness in this support raising process! I get to tell stories of God's leading towards this position in JV, present about how he is revealing himself in Central and Eastern Europe, and tell of the Lord's heart for the next generation of JV Kids. He is already working, and it's amazing to share in that with others!

Is the Lord calling you to join his work among the JV Kids with me? Would you pray about joining my support team? I am currently at 57% of my monthly support needs, which is so exciting! I am praying the Lord provides the remaining amount by the end of this year, but I will be able to make the move over to Czech whenever I reach full support!

In the meantime, pray with me that his name is lifted up each time I share about the JV Kids, and pray that even in this process of raising support, others would be blessed by seeing the Lord's gracious and generous hand! I pray that YOU are blessed today too by knowing that God is truly near, and pursues us daily with his abundant love.

P.S. You'll find that Founder's Week session online here:  My testimony is at about minute 38. 

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