Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Faces of Graduation

Ah, how to even encapsulate graduation day? Although I received my diploma in December, I walked at the graduation ceremony today. I will say, there is power to the words spoken over you, to wearing the cap and gown, to going through the traditions, to celebrating and saying goodbyes. It all enacts a reality of change, or transition, of growing up. 

But all of this would have had no meaning without the people who stood with me. 

From my parents who flew all the way from Czech to be here... celebrating alongside former roommates who shaped my everyday life at Moody... 

... to marking yet another significant life event with the Fantastic 4. 

From friends who were there along the way during my time at Moody, who became lifelong friends, like Kelley (who graduated last year)... 

... to Hayley, dear dear Hayley, my buddy since we were little, who just so happened to finish out a year as a student herself at Moody. Since she had just finished finals week, she got to be at graduation too. Incredibly special to have walked part of the journey of high-school together, and even overlapped at Moody for a semester too.

And that was only the beginning. There were so many amazing friends, coworkers, professors and classmates from yesterday - moments of recognizing the people I've grown to love in this crazy and wonderful city.

Thank you to everyone who has imaged Christ to me in the mundane parts of life, on the mountains, in the valleys, in the fields and in the bustling streets. You have been just as much, if not more, a part of my "education" as any class I took at Moody. I cherish you all!


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