Saturday, April 15, 2017

What Iowa and Kansas Have in Common

What do Iowa and Kansas have in common? 

Incredible people.

Sometimes God arranges connections with people in the most unexpected and wonderful ways. He did that twice this past week. 

I was in Kansas City, MO for a conference (more on that soon!), and I found out at the beginning of the conference that some family friends of ours live in Kansas City, KS. We had met once in Czech about five years ago, and I remember thinking the world of them then. My parents have kept in touch with Kelly and her husband through these past years, but I haven't seen them since that one visit when I was still a senior in high-school. 

I e-mailed Kelly on Monday to see if we could get together, and she offered her home as a place to meet up, but also as a place to share meals, to learn from her wisdom, hear family stories, and to enjoy a beautiful spring evening. 

Actually, on that Wednesday I had had a small mishap with my car. It was all ok in the end, but being met with Kelly's joy and hospitality was better than any other remedy on a tough day. God provides, does he not? 

Reconnecting years down the road with Kelly and her husband was the sweetest surprise. Kelly, thank you for saying yes (even spontaneously) and hosting me with such kindness and thoughtfulness. I am incredibly encouraged by you and your family, and I still think the world of you. 

The other sweet meeting was in Iowa with some new friends that felt like old friends from the very start. I've heard so much about Ben and Avery, and finally got to meet them in person in their sweet home. We shared a meal and talked of all the ways we are surprisingly connected. It all started when Ben's parents and my parents served in Germany together way back when!

Even amidst much change, constant transition, and preparing to move to Czech to serve the JV Kids, I am more and more amazed at the ways God is involved in your stories and in your present times as I talk with you and share journeys. Thank you for telling of his works and for walking in all the many uncertainties together...which also means rejoicing together in the little things.

If I have not met you in person yet, I hope I have the privilege of getting to soon. You know you can always reach me via e-mail ( or Instagram (@clapatty). I really mean it - I love reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and staying in touch with those from all walks of life.


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