Sunday, April 30, 2017

Conversations on Airplanes

What happens when the Lord prompts us to keep our eyes open for opportunities to see him? He answers those prayers in continually unexpected ways. 

On a recent trip to visit dear family friends, and to share about what God has prepared ahead in my ministry with JV, I made my way down the aisle of the airplane and took my spot in the middle seat.

I was never one to consider myself a "talk to the person next to me on a plane" person, but somehow it has ended up happening more often lately. Well, and when I spied this book being read by the woman next to me, how could I not start up a conversation?

The woman I spent the next hour and half talking with has lived in Chicago for a long time now, despite having family in Puerto Rico. Who would have guessed that we would ever have something in common, yet we both agreed that there is something about the global church and being the body of Christ that brings us together from any corner of the earth. It's quite incredible when you actually stop to think about it.

She actually asked me to take that photo so I could look up the book she was reading when I had wifi again! I got her address, and I'm sending her a copy of my mom's book, since I think she will just love it, since it tells the story of a "modern day" missionary, and all the twists and turns that were involved in the beginnings of JV too.

This isn't a post to say, "I had a conversation with someone on the plane. You should too." In fact, you should know that I often wonder how the Lord could possibly use me for his work, and why he has invited me into what he is doing in the first place! But when we make ourselves available, he does wonders with what we give him, and continues to surprise us again and again.

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  1. Oh that was wonderful. LOVED IT!!! And love that God IS using you, despite you! That's how it is with all of us!!


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