Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Back to Basics

I fully intended to write about stamps, support letters, aesthetics and God's provision today...but alas, that shall wait. Today, simply enjoy a soothing vision of cooking in the morning. Without a kettle or a microwave right now, both my tea and oatmeal were cooked on the stovetop this morning.

I love the bright light that streams through these kitchen windows in the early hours of the day, and happened to step to the opposite side of the island today and look towards the windows. I saw the steam rising and the sunbeams glinting on the countertop, and it brought a sense of wonder to mind.

I hope it prompts you to look for that wonder (and worship of our Lord) in your everyday routine too! Amidst everything else that goes on in our days, amidst our to-do lists and meetings, it's nice to be reminded by the Lord of something so mundane and beautiful at the same time.


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