Saturday, February 25, 2017

Smoothie Diaries with Lucy

If you've ever scrolled down and clicked on one of the blog links on the right sidebar here at Claire's Corner, then you have probably seen Lucy's Life, a whimsical blog full of witty and beautiful illustrations and stories.

It's been a little while since Lucy last posted, but her last post was about her continued saga of the "Smoothie Diaries", as she likes to call it. Well guess what?? I got to see a small episode of the smoothie diaries in person today!

I happened to be at Mariano's today, because I was looking for something specific, and I ended up meandering through the aisles...because who doesn't find those kinds of fancy groceries interesting?! I wandered past the prepared foods section when I heard someone call my name from behind the smoothie counter.

"Is that Claire?"

It was Lucy, who was beautifully blending up smoothies in her skilled fashion! I had just been over at Lucy and Sheldon's apartment the night before for dinner and a Czech movie, and then I got to stop and chat again today. What a treat!

Lucy and I went to middle school together. Her dad was my homeroom teacher in high-school. We both moved to the Chicago-lands together to attend two different colleges, and have seen each other a couple of times in these past 4 years.

Now we are only 15 minutes away from each other, Lucy is married, and I am finished with college. And we are still friends. And we still run into each other in odd places, like the grocery store, as if we were back in our little hometown in Czech.

It all seemed oddly normal eating dinner together last night, and seeing each other at the grocery store. Yet, this is far from normal seeing as we both grew up in a mountain town in the Czech Republic. The Lord has wonderful ways of crossing our paths, does he not?!

Here's a throwback to 2008 with Lucy!

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