Saturday, February 11, 2017

Landed and Adjusting

I'm in the United States!

Actually, I landed in Chicago on Monday, and have been easing into life here since then. I am living with a family from my home church here in the suburbs of Chicago. I'll be basing out of this area for the next 9-12 months as I raise support to join God's movement in Central and Eastern Europe as the JVK Ministry Specialist.

I'm adjusting to a new "not-normal". Life is not going to feel normal now, and it shouldn't. This is not the time for settling in, for feeling comfortable, for making my own "home". This is a different season with different gifts and challenges.

Guys, let me tell you something: I am SO EXCITED for what the Lord has ahead with the JV Kids. We get to go along with his work and participate in it with Him together! This is going to be quite the winding, wonderful path.

These next few weeks ahead feel a little bit like this photos I took while I was at home:

Blurry. Unclear.

And also filled with Light. With hope.

With Christ.

It's the beginning of months that will be filled with people connections, leaning on the body of Christ, serving, giving, loving, being loved, initiating, stepping out when I feel afraid. Yet God is there in all of those moments. I depend on him to keep on showing up each day like the rising sun.

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  1. Oh I just saw this post! I love it! Beautiful and accurate description...of something that won't last forever, but that will set the stage for what's to come!


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