Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Internationals and a Playground

Life right now is full of meeting new people. This can be a challenge sometimes, but I also get pretty excited at the opportunity to make connections and grow in relationships too! I'm about 56% introverted, after all, so that 44% extrovert has to come out somewhere...not that those tests are conclusive anyways!

I mostly get to know people in my church, but I have yet to discover the international community here in the western suburbs of Chicago. I have heard rumors that there are quite a few internationals in the area, and I have been wanting to meet them! I would love to connect with people in these local communities; and since I'm new, I figured a good place to start would be with internationals, since we would automatically have a connecting point.

I started praying a little while back, and asking the Lord for some of those relationships to form. Not only does it fill my heart with joy to connect with people from around the world, but I pray I can be of service to them too. My ears and eyes have been open towards any opportunity to meet new friends as I've taken walks and gotten to know the neighborhood sidewalks and prairie paths.

Guess what?? God is already answering those prayers. I was swinging at the playground (because who doesn't love swinging, right? I guess I am a Children's Ministry major...), when I saw a mom and her young toddler playing a little ways off. I guessed from afar that they might be Eastern European, then heard a familiar sounding language, so I went over and said hi. Sure enough, this family is from Romania, and we had such a sweet conversation.

I don't know if a friendship will come of it, but if nothing else, it was a reminder that when we pray, God hears. Even more so too, when we pray, our eyes are open to the paths the Lord opens for us to walk in.

I would not have noticed that mom and daughter if it hadn't been for God's work in softening my own heart. I don't have that kind of courage on my own to talk to "strangers" - it's all Him! It's just fun being a tiny part of what He is already doing.

Would you pray with me for continued open doors for meeting "neighbors" - whether they be from Illinois or India, pray that I can be the hands and feet of Jesus, to see them and love them with His eyes and His heart. 


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