Tuesday, January 24, 2017

So It Begins...Or Continues

Now that you know the big news (that I'll get to work with JV Kids!!), I get to share a few sweet stories from these past weeks at home that I have been holding off on until now. This time that I have spent in Czech has included running errands with my mom, meeting with old friends, and taking walks in the countryside, but much of what I have been doing has been making steps forward in the journey with Josiah Venture

One of my greatest joys these past weeks has been seeing some of the JVK over here in Czech. Maybe you remember my little buddy here in my hometown? She is growing up so fast! Already, she is blossoming into a witty, thoughtful, stylish, engaging young lady, who has a deep dedication to pursuing conviction that is true and honest. 

Our times together have always been a delight. Last week was no exception. We went out for tea and then baked (gluten-free!) chocolate chip cookies together. I think we would both agree that no one would know they were gluten-free. If a 10-year-old approves of a gluten-free cookie, I'd say it's a winner in our books. 

For a little perspective, here we were in 2011! I had just gotten done with school and ran into this girlie at the grocery store with her mom.

Who knew back then that one day I would get to join the JV team to work with JV Kids? The Lord still astounds me with the way he orchestrates pieces together. 

"Thanks for coming over Lia! Hanging out with you is always such a treat." (no pun intended, actually!)

I look forward to many more times ahead with the JVK all across Central and Eastern Europe. The Lord will be leading each step, because I have a feeling there's going to be greater joys and greater challenges ahead than I can even imagine right now. And he will be there every step of the way, calling us all to greater experience of his presence, power and love. 


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