Sunday, January 22, 2017

In Between, News to Come

You guys! I have some exciting news to share tomorrow. 

Until then, here have been some of the little delights of this past weekend:

- I got to hang out with two of my buddies from high-school yesterday - Kristi and Magda, I love you both! 
- I traipsed through the snowy forest with a friend and a dog in sub-zero temperatures - pure joy and a gift from the Lord (plus a little bit of chapped faces and frozen hair too!). 
- Magda stopped by our house tonight on her way back to Brno, where she and her husband live. She came to pick up my mom's and dad's books, and brought her dad's honey too! Literally gold. 
- Worship at church today was so sweet - being with the body of Christ here in my little town astounds me. 
- Even though the temperatures have hovered around 0F this past week, today actually warmed up to a balmy 34F. We are sad to see the snow melt, but did soak in a long walk with Kaylee. 
- Most of my conversations at church today were with people half my height, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The kids' stories and exuberance for life warmed me more than the 34F breezes. 

More news tomorrow!

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