Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tyler: More Than Just Graduation

Tyler, of course it's incredible that you have now received your hood and Master's Degree in Old Testament Theology and Semitic Languages (phew, even writing that out looks complex!). Even more than completing your degree, here's what I love about who you are:

You take everything that you have learned and let it influence the way you speak and interact with others. I love how you are even applying your Master's Thesis work to your family life and your engagement with the church. 

You are selfless in your love for your family. You have served your wife and son beautifully these past years as you have also studied diligently. You haven't let your priority of your relationship with the Lord slip throughout this either. You have delighted in him in your study, and that delight spills over into your family!

You are an incredible teacher. I love that you engage with the questions I've asked, no matter what my starting point is. You have a way of taking something really complicated and making it accessible to those who want to learn. I took Genesis this past semester with Dr. Schmutzer, and you were eager and willing to talk through every detail of that class with me as if you were right there with me in the class! Your perspective is thoughtful and relational too.

Like I said before, I love how your studies have shaped the way you know God. Then, the way that you know God changes the way you relate to people. It makes me smile so much. 

Congrats, Tyler, on your diligence and care these past years. You've learned intently and loved generously. Thank you for that.  


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