Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Goodbye Little Byt and Yellow Door

Is it really true? This view no longer awaits me in The Little Byt. Our cozy little apartment has only 2/3's of its belongings, since everything of mine is all packed up in tubs. Mom and Dad helped me load up all the tubs into their rental car last week. We took them out to the suburbs, where my mentor is so kindly keeping them in her basement. 

This will forever be my first "residence". Although the apartment was still kind of campus-housing, it was still a place we were able to make our own, invite others into, and experience life in. I will miss it, and my dear roommates, Michelle and Michelle!

A friend of mine made these ornaments!

One last thing had to happen before I said goodbye to the Little Byt. Maybe you recall about a year and a half ago when I painted a "pseudo-front-door" for the apartment?

Part of the way that I wanted to say goodbye was to send a thank you to the people who actually live in the real apartment with that door. The real door is kitty-corner to my apartment building, but it's my favorite door in the whole city. I printed out a short note and a laminated copy of the painting. "Maine" Michelle and I then braved the frigid Chicago weather (it was 0°F that day!!) to walk over and tape the note to the front door. 

The end of the story is that the resident of the apartment did actually receive the note. And yellow-door-friend, if you read this post, "thank you again for the privilege of 'borrowing' your door for a year and a half! It was always so inviting to imagine it as our door and pretend that we lived in a place as beautiful as your's!"

So long, Little Byt. 


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