Monday, December 5, 2016

Final Candlelight Carols

Candlelight Carols - an annual event at Moody filled with choirs, orchestra music, pretty lights, storytelling, Christmas hymns and, yes, lots of hours of ushering! It's the most delightful event to usher for though, since we get to sit in on portions of all three of the performances. We get to experience the magical music pieces three times! It can be a lot of work getting all the pieces together, but it's all worth it when you hear the bells and the harmonies. 

This was my fourth and final Candlelight Carols as an usher, which is definitely sad. It was a beautiful performance though. Special props to the musicians and techs! They do an incredible job, and put in so many hours to make the nights as special as they are. 

Let the Christmas season truly begin!


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