Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Seasons of Change and Transition

College memories include afternoons in the neighborhood of Old Town and getting coffee at a French bakery with a friend. It rained, but we didn't care much. If anything, the rain made the window seat at the bakery that much better. 

It was the last warm day of the season. The rain brought the signal that the seasons are changing. The soon-to-be bare trees and chilled winds aren't the only signs of change though. 

Goodbyes with friends are another reminder that my time here at Moody is turning shades of yellow and orange as well. I'm soaking it all in though, even when I know it's fading. Seasons change, and that's what makes it all beautiful and precious. 

Joy is the kind of friend who I may not see very often, but we can catch up whenever from where we left off. She's also an incredibly talented violinist. She works so hard as a music major, but still manages to stay engaged in community and see the beauty of life even in the smallest ways. 

With 24 days left at Moody (well, who's counting, right?!), I'm recognizing that there's really no "right" way to say goodbyes, to go through transition, to make it through to the other end and feel "ok". Am I ready for what's ahead? I think so. Or I'm beginning to feel ready. But before I leave, I'm to be present here. 

There may be the tension of the end coming soon, but the Lord is teaching me that it is an opportunity to stop and reflect on all the people who have made this place home for three and a half years. I'm taking time to try and tell those people what they mean to me, though I don't know if that makes goodbyes harder or easier. Neither, I suppose. It's worth it though. 


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