Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Memory of NYC

Good evening from the city that does actually sleep: Chicago. But good morning from the "City That Never Sleeps", from a bakery in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan. 

It was the first morning of our trip, and it had taken us way too long to decide where to even start off with so many options available in New York City. We had found a sweet breakfast place on Yelp, and managed to find our way there by following Google Maps intently. Nestled into a normal neighborhood, it was a peaceful way to begin our adventure. 

The breakfast wasn't even anything spectacular (eggs and potatoes!), but it was the environment, and the culture, and the large windows that looked out onto a regular street. And the company. My dear sister-in-law brings so much beauty, thoughtfulness, compassion and love for others wherever she goes. Despite our need for coffee and our uncertainty about what the day would actually hold, it was a joy to sit there, warm mugs in hand, and gratitude in heart. 


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