Monday, October 31, 2016

Voting and Being a Citizen

Some things still make me stop and realize that I have now called the United States home for three and a half years. Voting today was one of those things. 

I'll be out of town part of this week, so I wanted to vote before I left. I ventured downtown to a familiar area and found one of the designated places for voting. I walked right in with no line inside, but there was a happy bustle of people around and it felt somewhat thrilling. I don't take the privilege of being a citizen of the U.S. lightly, so getting to actually be present here to vote felt right. 

So there you go - my first time voting. It's not the best year to be entering in as a newly registered voter with this presidential election, but I'm glad I could participate nonetheless. And plus, it's not every year that I'll get to vote in downtown Chicago. Amidst some of this year's political issues, I'll say that part was pretty fun. 


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