Friday, October 28, 2016

Senior Photos: Logan

It's definitely not my usual position to be taking a high-school senior's photos (especially a guy's!), but when the opportunity presented itself, I was up for the challenge! Logan and his family and I meandered through the city looking for ways to capture this unique soon-to-be-graduate season of life. 

It was great fun going around to some of the places Logan loves in the city and getting to let creativity come out a bit more too with all of the city locations. Here is a sampling of the photos!

Speaking of being a soon-to-be-graduate, did you know I only have 49 days left as a student at Moody Bible Institute? Yes, I don't quite know how to process that. I know that moving forward is right, but I will be sad to leave as well. But I'm not there yet; more on that once the time comes.

Until then, I'll continue enjoying the city and all its wonderful photo opportunities!

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