Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Brown Line to Randolph/Wabash

It's a familiar trek. From my apartment to the brown line stop. Brown line to Randolph/Wabash. My destination is down the stairs, straight ahead, on the right. Intelligenstia Coffee.

When I came here this weekend it wasn't actually to get coffee this time, but to meet up with a family I had never met before to take a high-school senior's, Logan's, photos. This family made the trip from Indiana to get Logan's senior pictures done, since he loves this city so much. Where did this "random" connection come from? They're actually acquaintances of my first supervisor at my on-campus job in EGS (she first hired me as a freshman...grateful to Traci)!

We met up at Intelligentsia, and then went off to Millennium Park, which is just across Michigan Ave, only a quick hop over from our meeting place. Stay tuned for photos! It could not have been a more beautiful day, and I was glad for the excuse to be out and about, especially on familiar city routes! 


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