Monday, October 3, 2016

Beautiful Spaces and Apologetics

One of my greatest joys of living in the city for the past three years has been the plethora of beautiful spaces and coffee shops. They exude creativity, shared gathering spaces, and unique character and style. 

I find it fascinating to see which places end up being my friends' favorite, since a lot of it has to do with environment and personality. I think you can learn just a little bit about a person from knowing where there favorite places are! There's a story in there somewhere. 

Now you tell me, why is it that I'm so drawn to the yellow ceiling and geometric lights of Dollop? It's simply delightful. 

I went to Dollop to work on a very important paper for Apologetics - one that is worth 50% of my grade! Eek! Although it took a long time to put together, it gave me the opportunity to talk with my brothers and a friend who graduated last year. They all helped me process the topic of apologetics and its role in the worship and life of the church. I learned so much even just through the process of writing this and working out my own convictions.

Here's a full view of the space that's adjacent to the actual coffee shop. That yellow chair in the corner is "my spot". There are two side tables next to it, so it's the perfect place to camp out for a few hours and zone in to homework. The space looks quite pink in this photo, but it doesn't seem that overwhelming in person. It's the brightness and the yellow that I love most. 

Google Image

One friendly face of the day surprised me on my way back from the coffee shop as I passed Argo Tea on Michigan Ave. I walked right past Hannah without even noticing her standing there before doing a double take and turning right back around. Hannah hadn't noticed me either in the busyness of her job! I stood on the sidewalk right next to the iconic Chicago Tribune building and chatted with her while she gave out samples. This is a unique season of life where I run into a friend sampling tea on Michigan Ave! 

I'm soaking in these "normal" Chicago days. October is the best month here! 


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