Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wedding Photographers

Please allow me to introduce Joe and Emilee's (the groom and bride) team of wedding photographers for the weekend in Michigan:

We snagged a few last photos at the end of the day, shortly after we said goodbye to the bride and groom whom we waved off after a beautiful ceremony and reception. We look happy and chipper in the above photo, which we honestly were! It was a fabulous day. However, part of us also felt like this:

It is the greatest joy photographing a wedding, but it is also surprisingly exhausting. I've been told that most photographers have their own unique ways of resting after a wedding. It is joyous and celebratory, and you also have to be "on" all day. I wouldn't have it any other way though. We felt equally glad and tired, knowing we gave our all to the day, and to Joe and Emilee. More photos will be coming in the next weeks, but here's one for now.

I had asked Ashley, a friend from Moody, to be my second shooter back in the Spring, because I knew she wanted to gain some more experience in photography, but she also has a flexible, hilarious, and helpful attitude about life, so she would be the perfect fit for the day. Come to find out, after she had already agreed to be my second shooter, that her family lives only 15 minutes away from the wedding location! Now that made me laugh. The Lord has a good sense of humor and works things out in surprising ways.

We were not only able to enjoy Michigan together for a weekend, but we even stayed in her house. I was grateful for Ashley on Saturday! Thank you for being a great second-shooter, Ashley.


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