Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mattoni: Taste of Home

Don't they say that smell is your strongest memory trigger sense? Well taste must be high up there too, because when I found Mattoni at the local Jewel down the street and tasted it again for the first time in nine months, it brought me right back "home". 

The neighborhood where this Jewel is located caters to the nationalities represented, and I know there's quite a few Eastern Europeans in the area. It was a complete surprise though to find genuine Czech Mattoni, with Czech writing and no translation at all. What a delight! I must say though, what should have been a pear sparkling water had turned quite flat. I have suspicion that people don't purchase Mattoni too often from Jewel, but I'm glad they keep it on the shelves anyways. 

What tastes bring you back to your childhood, or remind you of a place you love? It's those kinds of things that become so dear to our hearts. 

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  1. What?! Mattoni in Chicago?! Awesome! Too bad it was flat though. I've been surprised here when poured myself a glass of what I thought was sparkling Mattoni, only to take a sip an realize it was neperliva. (I should have read the label)


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