Thursday, September 1, 2016

Internship: Complete!!

I can't even quite describe the significance of this binder. But here it is, completed and organized, even color-coded. This is the culmination of so much work and time, and I can't quite believe this day has come.

I turned in my internship portfolio today!

This binder consists of learning experiences, journals, lesson plans, handouts, administrative tasks, stories, photos, time logs, special projects and reflections from this past summer at MTI. My professor, who is also the head of my department, Mrs. Smith, doesn't take this project lightly. The internship is a big deal for the Children's Ministry major, and I was nervous of how it all would come together.

I printed out the very last pages to be put in today and brought it upstairs to Mrs. Smith's office. She wasn't in, so I dropped it by her mailbox, only to round the corner and find her coming up to get coffee. She gave me a big hug and expressed her excitement with me that it was done. I am actually very grateful for all of the work she requires of her students not only in internships, but in her courses as well. With all of these different kinds of learning environments and opportunities she gives us, we really do learn and grow. I am thankful for her diligence in encouraging us and challenging us at the same time.

All that's left is meeting with Mrs. Smith about my internship and giving a presentation about it in class. Those things seem easy though in comparison to this binder being completed! I'm definitely celebrating over here!


  1. And even "color-coded"! Amazing Claire. Congratulations on the summer well spent. Did you include the lesson on antifreeze in the borrowed car? That's a great life lesson right there too!

  2. So very proud of you Claire! That represents so much of you and what God did in and through you this summer. Hope Mrs Smith likes it! ☺️


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