Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Olympics (Comments of a TCK)

The Olympics make sense to my Third Culture Kid brain. All countries come together and unite for one single event, representing where they've come from and seeking to bring forth their very best to make their people proud. I get to cheer for the U.S. during one event, and then for Czech in the next, and then for other countries my heart is fond of like Slovakia, Croatia, and places where my friends are currently living depending on the day and event. I rarely have to pick and choose between my home countries, and that's refreshing. 

(From left to right: 1. Emily brought her Olympics mittens from the last Winter Olympics, 2. Yozhek the cat thought the best view o watch from was the top of the bookshelf, and 3. the parade was long but so worth it)

Possibly my favorite part of the Olympics though are the opening ceremonies. The parade of nations makes me feel settled, as I watch country after country coming together and carrying their flags. The beaming faces of people from all around the world warm my heart. 

Throughout my childhood, my family was almost always traveling during the time of Summer Olympics. We used to catch glimpses of the opening ceremonies, and occasionally would get to see a good portion of them, but the event is nostalgic all the same. We didn't really watch sports much as a family in Czech, but the Olympics were often on in the background if we were home at the time. I'm sure you can imagine then the excitement I have for this year's Olympics!

Some of the MTI staff gathered for the opening ceremonies last night, and it couldn't have been a better group to watch with. We had people who had spent a significant portion of their lives in everywhere from Lithuania, to Germany, to Senegal, and of course Czech! We all enjoyed cheering for each others' countries and seeing them all in one place. Like I said, this feels so right to my TCK world. The Olympics are my favorite. 

Side Note: One of the MTI staff hosted us in her apartment. She lived in Lithuania and Germany for over 15 years total, and her apartment reminded me so much of Europe. The finishing touch was something we have in our home too. Can you spot it? Yep, Polish pottery!!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad your worlds could come together and you didn't have to choose just one team to cheer for.


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