Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Coming to a Close

I only have three more days left at this place that I have called a temporary home for three months. I'm not sure how this time has already flown by, but here I am, nearing the end. 

Would you pray that I would be able to stay fully present, say good goodbyes with the kids (and staff!) and also pray for the two full days I'll be responsible for teaching two different classes of kids (on Thursday and Friday)? Thank you!

In other news, as part of my Moody internship requirements, I needed to find a "special project" to benefit the organization I'm serving this summer. After brainstorming a few different ideas, my special project ended up being providing new photos for MTI's website and newsletters. This involved finding out what the needs were, gathering a group of volunteers for the photoshoot and editing the photos to give to MTI for future use. 

I'm really excited about how the project unfolded, as the Lord provided just enough people and great weather for the photoshoot day! Here are just a few from the day, since I can't share them all. 

P.S. You might recognize a familiar face in these photos! Yep, my mom happened to be here in the area on the day of the photoshoot, which was just great. 


  1. What a cool project! It's perfect for you, and the photos are lovely!

  2. I love what you did for MTI with those photos! SO nicely done!!


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