Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wedding Celebration: Lucy and Sheldon!

Here I sit, on the floor of my room for the summer, just as the sun is setting. I'm reminiscing on this past weekend as I look through photos of a very special wedding weekend. My buddy Lucy got married this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited for her and Sheldon. It is pretty surreal to be back in Colorado after spending 48 hours in Chicago, but it couldn't have been a sweeter weekend. 

Lucy is a special friend. She and I share a unique season of life that we both remember quite vividly: "druhý stupeň", a.k.a. middle-school (6th-9th grade in Czech). We walked through those difficult years together and made the best of it too. I remember vividly playing in the forests of the Beskydy, picking blackberries together, doodling in German class, baking gingerbread with our tutor's grandma, staying with a host family in England, and people laughing about us being friends because for a long time I was more than a head shorter than Lucy and we were quite opposites from each other. We were unexpected buddies, but I thank the Lord for her friendship, which continued past middle-school too!

This was ninth grade!
It was the greatest privilege to get to celebrate Lucy and Sheldon this weekend! I love how the Lord has brought them together. I don't have official wedding photos yet, but here are a few snapped by one of Lucy's Czech friends who was able to come to the States for the wedding!

Mom was able to be at the wedding too, and she snapped this photo during the ceremony. Presenting - Lucy and Sheldon, husband and wife!!!

Lucy, you two are suited to each other just perfectly, and it is beautiful to see the love you both share. I am so grateful that I got to come to Chicago for the weekend to witness such a beautiful day! You were (are!) a stunning bride. The stories have just begun for you now as husband and wife. May the Lord bless you abundantly with his grace and love that fills you up and overflows into your love for one another.

Lucy and Sheldon - congratulations!! 


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