Saturday, July 9, 2016

Meet-Up in Colorado

An unlikely combination occurred today: Caleb, Haley, Me, Grandma and Bapa - in Estes Park, CO. 

It's incredible to me that I can drive up to Ft. Collins for the weekend and join Caleb and Haley for a couple of days. I'm still wrapping my head around having a car (though it's just a borrowed one!) and being able to pick up and go somewhere like this. Not only were Caleb and Haley around this weekend though...Grandma and Bapa came through Ft. Collins on their road trip out towards the Midwest! 

We spent the day leisurely exploring around Estes Park together, with not much of an agenda except spending time together. As a Third Culture Kid, family time is not something I take for granted, and it's almost like a surprise every time there is an opportunity to be together. I'm grateful I could join in on this mini Colorado gathering this time. 

P.S. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember that it's always my goal to get Bapa to give a big smile with me for a photo at least once. This time it was Mom who requested the smile photo in a text later in the day, and so me and Bapa obliged. That last one's for you, Mom. 

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  1. This just warms my heart! :) :) :) Thanks for posting those pics!


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