Thursday, July 28, 2016

East of the Mountains

What is east of the mountains? A yellow house nestled into the plains with a welcoming porch and two familiar faces. 

I remember finishing up last semester and talking with my friend Shannon who would soon be graduating. As we talked, we both realized that we'd be doing internships in Colorado this summer, and knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit with one another at least once during that time! Today was finally the day.

Shannon has been married since May, and her and her husband are living in an adorable apartment above a family's garage. The dog in this photo isn't theirs, and neither is the baby swing! They are thriving in this new home though, and settling in to make it their own. Their internships will be completed this summer, but Shannon's husband will actually be going on staff full-time at the church they've been interning at, so they are already committed to this adventure here in this little town.

It felt like a clash of worlds to combine Moody with Colorado, but it was a delightful one. I'm thankful for their hospitality and that it worked out to see one another even after Shannon already graduated! We were on the same dorm floor for my first two years at Moody, and it's hard to believe that now she is beginning her new family journey right here. 

Thank you for hosting me, friends!! 


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