Sunday, June 12, 2016

Slow Sunday in Jackson Hole

Here I am, on this drizzly Wyoming day, nestled into a coffee shop in Jackson Hole. I can't hardly believe that I'm here, and especially visiting a friend, Sara, that I met at Gull Lake last summer! Her family lives here in Jackson, so I not only get to visit our family friends, but a personal camp friend as well. We worked together last year, and I would have never dreamed it would actually work out one day to visit her.

Sara is off at work this afternoon, so she dropped me off at a little place called Persephone Bakery after church, and it's been lovely here. I'm soaking in a quiet restful afternoon, and even a familiar cup of Intelligentsia coffee, which reminds me of Chicago. Isn't it strange how places can collide and pieces from homes follow you wherever you go? 

I have now been in Colorado for a month, and I have only pulled my camera out once during that time. I can't quite figure it out, but somehow when I'm in CO, I feel that I have to take everything in with my eyes before I can even imagine trying to create a photo of the beautiful surroundings. I've needed time to process everything in person, and haven't wanted to take photos with my camera of it yet. Today, I finally pulled out my camera to savor the sweetness of this little shop. I hope it makes you smile today to see a glimpse into this world here. 

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  1. OH!!! Just saw this...and loved it!! Thanks for posting those pictures and sentiments.


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