Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MTI and What's Next?

It's hard to believe I have already been at MTI for almost 7 weeks. I have reached my half-way point here at my internship, which was marked by the start of a new COMPASS program, where I'll be helping in the process of training families as they head to the mission field by working with the 7-12 year-olds classroom for this next month. 

I'm co-teaching this class for the program so that I can get acclimated to the curriculum and learn from the expert - Brittney, who's been here for years! Really, all of the kids' trainers here at MTI are incredible at what they do, and I am mostly learning from observing them day in and day out. I am overwhelmed at times still by all that is new, but the staff is so gracious with all of my questions. My favorite part is always getting to know these kids and creating a safe environment for them to learn, build relationships and grow in. 

You might be wondering at this, is MTI the kind of work you're hoping to do after college? And I can honestly say I don't know. My parents are (wisely) advising me to "suspend all judgment about the future" for now, since I'm still collecting pieces and don't have enough information to decide what's next after I graduate in December. Once my internship is over, I'll start processing everything that happened this summer and look at what my options are ahead. It's scary sometimes. It really is. Isn't the unknown always somewhat daunting? 

At the same time, I've seen the Lord guide me so lovingly over the years and am also excited to see what he has up the path a ways. I won't know until I get to the bend; and I'm not there yet. 

I'll admit, it's pretty difficult for me to not think about what's next, but it's part of what I'm learning this summer: live in the present, take each day as a gift from the Father. Live with what the Lord has placed before you, Claire, right in the time he has given it. If the Lord provided manna for the Israelites in the desert, enough for each day, ordained for them and given by His good hand, then will He not do the same (Exodus 16)? He is the same God yesterday, today, and forever.

Or to take another OT story, will there not be just enough oil and flour in the jar tomorrow (1 Kings 17)? To the widow in the story, it looked like she was running out each day, and yet each day, the Lord showed his faithfulness and came through on his promises to provide.

One other verse comes to mind as I think through all of these things, and it's one I've heard since I was a kid, but that keeps coming back...

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" - Matthew 6:26

So I keep doing what he places before me each day, learning all I can here at MTI, and soaking in the wisdom of those who are so good in this field. I'm trusting that the Lord will take what little I feel I have and use it for his good purposes and for his glory. He knows what's next; I need not worry. 

(There's a little perspective from the driveway of the place I'm staying for the summer - "Forest Lane", as I like to call it)

P.S. I have lots more photos of the kids, but for their own safety and privacy, I don't feel comfortable sharing their photos without parent permission! I would love to share their faces of joy and friendship, but want to be sensitive to their families. Thank you for understanding!

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  1. I love your perspective! Also, you have very wise parents. I love hearing about what you are doing and learning and processing.


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