Saturday, June 11, 2016

Airports and Wyoming-Bound

Airports feel sentimental. I can't quite describe it, except to say that it's pretty common for Third Culture Kids to feel safe and settled in an airport. It's the "in-between-place" of our worlds, the place of connection, the place of transition from one home to another, and to another still.

Even little flights, like the one I'm taking today, bring up all the memories and emotions of past trips. The one that comes to mind immediately is the last time I was in this airport: Denver. I was on my way to Oregon for Spring Break when my flight was delayed and I was stranded in Colorado for the night. Except, I wasn't exactly stranded. I called my family and my aunt came to pick me up after my cousin's play that night and I stayed with them before catching my next flight in the morning.

I'm headed to Wyoming today to visit some family friends, as well as a friend I worked with at Gull Lake last summer. I have a break this next week from MTI, since they don't have a program going on right now, so since I had been wanting to visit these friends for a while, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

So here I am, sitting in the airport, feeling almost as happy to be here as to be heading to Wyoming. 

I'm thanking the Lord for how He uses places and people to mark significant stories of our lives that He is weaving together. Airports are especially associated with those markers of His faithfulness.


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