Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Transitions

Today marked a the beginning of yet another season of change. 

Kelley and I had our last Thursday morning coffee date, and reminisced on the last three years we have spent at Moody. We talked about what we've learned about God, about people, and about ourselves through our time here. Kelley graduates in a week, and I graduate in December. I'm hoping to still see her in Chicago when I get back from Colorado after the summer, but she's still in the process of seeking the Lord and deciding what next steps will look like after the summer. 

Then tonight, I had my last PCM (Practical Christian Ministry) with this lovely team up at the Great Lakes Naval Base. The experience up there has been invaluable for these past two semesters. It hurt my heart to say goodbye to the kids, knowing that they too would be moving with their families soon as well, as military families do. This PCM not only gave me insight into the life of military kids, but also helped me better understand the AWANA system, and learn to apply what I've been learning in the classroom to ministry settings. 

I also have to give a shoutout to this team, who drove an hour up to the base and an hour back each Thursday! It has been a pleasure getting to know them more, and sharing life with them on car rides, which is strangely a treat here at Moody when car trips are few and far between otherwise. 

The next changes will be coming soon too... I finish up the semester next week, and then head to Colorado on the 15th with Caleb and Haley. I'll start my internship at MTI on the 16th.

What a whirlwind that will all be, but one I will not be in alone - the Lord is ever faithful and near. He sustains and is my anchor when everything else is constantly in transition in this season of life. And not only does he constantly provide his grace, but he patiently makes it known to me again and again to strengthen my feeble faith. He shows his Fatherly love in tangible ways just so that I can know and worship him more. Without his initiative, I can never be faithful apart from the faithfulness of Christ.


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