Friday, May 20, 2016

Internship: Week 1

It's a good thing that I'm required to write a journal for my internship requirements, because a lot has happened this week and thoughts of transition constantly run through my mind. How to even capture week one of my internship?

I've been challenged this week, since I jumped head first into the MTI schedule, becoming a "floater" between the different classrooms and assisting wherever is needed. It's been a lot of learning by observing, copying, and asking questions here and there, and the Children's ministry team has been so welcoming and helpful as I'm the newbie there.

MTI feels like a fairly normal job/internship, besides the fact that I'm not working with neighborhood kids, but with kids who are about to move overseas with their families on mission. What a unique place! I'm still learning the ropes, and the lingo as well. You know how every organization has a certain culture, and "ethos"? Even though I'm still in the States, and I'm in Colorado (where my dad grew up), it is still somewhat of a culture shock because it's a completely new ministry setting. Within this new setting there are certain values, standards and even ways of speaking that I am slowly learning and adapting to.

Even with all of this transition, I can say I am grateful to be here. It takes adjusting to be anywhere new, so I'm glad that this new place is MTI. And lastly, I'm glad to be in a place where the skies are extra blue, the weather is always changing, the sun is bright when it shines, and the evergreens are plentiful.

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  1. That is SUCH a different sky than here!!! But I know that Colorado sky and love it too!


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