Friday, April 8, 2016

When You Trip Along

A wise woman in her 90's, Pam Reeve, once quipped to me about the way she lived her life of faith...

"I'm just tripping along with Jesus!"

When I was processing the week today and recognizing lots of ups and downs of this point of the semester, I felt discouraged. Maybe it was the snowy gloomy weather, or the imminent cold I might be catching, or the three group meetings one after another I had for class projects, or... Then the Lord so kindly brought that quote to mind and I found comfort in it. 

It's not wrong to find your feet faltering on the paths of following Jesus, for we recognize that though we are declared holy and righteous in him, we are not yet glorified and still live in a sinful and broken world. Yet what is key is recognizing that the "tripping" is not done alone! Christ is ever near. Our dependence on him is merely highlighted by our inability to walk on our own. And what sweetness it is to know Jesus' presence precisely there. 

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