Monday, April 25, 2016

NEXT Children's Ministry Conference 2016

How can I even capture what this weekend was like? In short, I have now completed my capstone project for Children's Ministry. The NEXT Children's Ministry conference was hosted by Moody Bible Institute and put together by the senior Children's Ministry majors.

We got to do everything from finding speakers, to budgeting, to creating a schedule, visitor badges and providing food for over a 100 people. More than that though, we learned how to entrust our work to the Lord and surrender to Him, for nothing would happen apart from Him. All of our effort would be for nothing without prayer and the Holy Spirit's work in our hearts and the hearts of those who came to the conference.

Of course, this conference would not have happened without our beloved professor, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. She not only guided us this whole semester as we prepared, but she taught a general session and led a "Day in the life of Children's ministry" simulation. 

Every one of the seniors did an excellent job in the positions they were given, and I loved working with this team. But seriously, if you're looking for someone to work in Children's Ministry, you should hire these ladies. 

Pastor Brian Smith was another one of our head speakers, and he brought wonderful illustrations and ideas, practical resources and sound biblical instruction for Children's ministry. 

Essentials for any conference - a program, coffee, and water! Crayons are a great addition too. 

On the right is Claire, one of the seniors in our class, who also acted as our conference coordinator. Cinda was the Hospitality team leader, and they both played a significant role in making the conference run smoothly and beautifully. 

And that's a wrap! I continue to pray that the Lord uses this conference to encourage all who were there. I'm grateful for my major, for Mrs. Smith, for the privilege to help equip Children's ministry leaders from the Chicago area, and mostly, for getting to be a part of what God is doing here. He's the one to be praised.


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