Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Where CTA Can Take You

Spring Break: Day 4.

Where can CTA take you in one day? Chicago Transit Authority is wonderful. I truly am grateful that I can hop on a bus or the "L" at any point and go somewhere on a whim. Today revolved around CTA, so here's a recap.

First stop: O'Hare. 

I met Caleb at the airport after his flight from Colorado. He flew in to come pick up his and Haley's new puppy from Indiana. I only had a little bit of time with him, since he was on a tight time schedule (he flew back to Colorado today!), so I met him right at the airport. 

Next: Logan Square.

Caleb and I met up with Tyler (Caleb picked up Tyler's car to drive to Indiana), but we also got half an hour to sibling time. Priceless. I love my brothers and their families so much.

I stuck around Intelligentsia after Caleb left to finish up a background analysis of some aspects of Romans. 

Stop #3: Damen. 

I had a free donut, courtesy of Popular Pays, that I could pick up and since it was on my way back to my apartment and it was 70 degrees today, I figured I might as well have that gluten-free chocolate donut on a day like today. 

Next mode of transportation: 156 Bus on Lasalle up to the Lincoln Park Conservatory. After some more time of homework, I needed a breather from the apartment, so I took a "flower break". "Stop and smell the roses" is a good phrase, in my book. 

The sun even peeked out for a little bit, which just made everything better. Although it was quite warm today in Chicago, the city is still quite bleak and gray. It's not much for spring, but I know the best is yet to come...in maybe two months. I was glad for some blue in the skies and a pretty view of the skyline. It's these times when I'm reminded of what I do love about the city - seeing my siblings, CTA, and random free treats, museums/conservatories. 

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  1. Above getting your online class taken care of, I love seeing how God's providing special things each day for you during spring break! :)


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