Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring Break: Day 2

I actually took a few other photos on my phone this morning when I was out in the suburbs for church, but this is what's happening right at this moment on a Sunday night, and somehow is the memory I want to keep of today. 

My creativity comes out sporadically. I'm not always sure what causes it or opens the doors for it to come out, but there are simply times when I can't help but create. When I got back from church and grocery shopping, I went for a stroll down the street through a cute shopping area of Chicago, since it was 50 degrees and bustling with people enjoying the lovely Sunday afternoon. 

I came back to the Little Byt and stared at our blank wall behind the couch, which then led to a frenzy of finding frames and other artwork scattered in drawers and folders. I kept meaning to do something with these little pieces of art, but never have (yes, even after a whole semester in the apartment!). I gathered a pile, made a mess, and painted a couple of extra fill-ins to add to our walls. I'm not quite finished with the main wall, but here's a glimpse at the corner by the window!

Happy Sunday greetings, from the Little Byt. Signing off from Spring Break, Day 2. 


  1. A blog post every day of your spring break? Yes please!!

  2. Oh!!! And I love the sporadic creativity that came out of you and onto the walls of the Little Byt!


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