Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Break: Day 1

It's Spring Break, Day 1.

This is the first Spring Break where school takes place instead of adventure or rest (I mean, maybe the two sides are not mutually exclusive?). I'm taking Romans online this semester, and due to my full schedule of other classes, I need to get most of my Romans class done over Spring Break, which means I'll be staying in my "Little Byt" apartment in Chicago over break. I know, not the ideal situation, but it's what I've been calling "adult life", when you have to make decisions that are not always the ones you want.

I'm praying that the Lord teaches me a lot over this break. I am, after all, studying His Word in this online class. I won't be studying it in the context of community this time, but I still will be praying that I come to know Him more through Romans. It's daunting, it's really daunting. But a few deep breaths, lots of prayer, and a schedule will help me walk through this.

There are a few fun experiences coming on this break too (like getting to see Hayley Ellenwood, or hanging out with Tyler, Lara and Judah next week), but I needed to map everything out so that I could minimize stress.

I've also decided that I'd like to try a "picture a day" challenge over break, just even to mark the time and notice little joys amidst my homework. The photo challenge begins today, with a snapshot of what I'm working on to help me keep calm over the next weeks (we'll see if it works).


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