Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life Is Better with People

Yes, I have gotten much homework done in the past two weeks; in fact, I'm almost done with my Romans class! I actually desperately needed this time to power through this class, so I am grateful the Lord provided strength to do so. All that's left is one biblical interpretation project. These weeks have been an interesting trial at living alone though, and here are 4 observations I've made:

1. I notice everything when I'm by myself. When I don't have people to talk with, I observe instead. I found myself taking note of all the untold stories passing by me in the city and the little beauties strewn across the sidewalks and train rides.

2. Joys are better shared. Yes, I do tend to notice little joys when I'm on my own, but I missed sharing them and allowing those joys to build into friendships. I wanted to exclaim with someone over the incredible thunderstorm the other night and wonder together at the lightning that kept striking Sears Tower (although I will say, my neighbors upstairs were exclaiming - I could hear them, and I was glad to have company in the amazement of the storm!). I also wanted to run home and tell my roommates about the daffodils outside of Sweeting that came up yesterday.

3. Getting out is important. My typical schedule was to leave the apartment in the morning, come back for lunch, and leave again in the afternoon. I'd go to the library, to work, to the dentist, to the airport (to meet Caleb that one time!), to coffee shops or to the Art Institute. This allowed me to have a place for rest and a place for work, which kept me sane, but also helped keep me engaged with people, even just as I was in their presence in public. My apartment also remained a "safe place" this way, instead of being confining, stifling, and/or lonely. In general, this added some fun and variety to my schedule too.

4. Life is simply better with people. Yes, even for one with introverted tendencies. I need rest and time alone, but people are really important too. There were a few days last week when I got to see family and friends, but this week has been more of a keep-your-head-down-and-do-homework week, so it's been good, but definitely strange. My roommate came back today, and we made dinner together and watched my favorite movie, and life seemed more right again.

This was when Hayley Ellenwood came over for the day! She flew into O'Hare from California and spent the night in The Little Byt before heading back to Wisconsin! 

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  1. "We Bought a Zoo"??!!! Wonderful blog post, as always! :)


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