Friday, February 5, 2016

Founder's Week 2016

It's Founder's Week. My third one, and last one as a student at Moody.

I have worked with Event and Guest Services on campus since my freshman year, and have gotten to see a unique perspective at how this school makes events happen. So many departments come together to put on these events and countless hours are dedicated to glorifying the Lord by doing so.

While we do all we can to help the conference run smoothly, we have fun in EGS too during weeks like these. For example, we have had a competition going that we nickname "the rubber band game". Essentially, every EGS employee is given a rubber band at the beginning of the week, and any time someone catches another saying "Founder's Week", then you lose your rubber band. We've had to get creative at calling Founder's Week by other code names ("FW" or "Fweek" or "this week") to keep our rubber bands. How am I doing in this competition? Well, just yesterday I had two rubber bands, and then I lost them both in just one conversation by slipping up and saying the conference name. It adds laughter to the team and we bond with little things like this!

Although we are exhausted after long days, we are also glad to have been able to play a small part in Founder's Week. The Word of God has been preached and the Lord has been worshipped as his people have gathered here this week on campus in the mornings and at Moody Church in the evenings.

We have one more session tonight with Ravi Zacharias and then FW 2016 will be complete. Praying we are able to serve our guests tonight in a way that will bless them!

(And here's a photo of your head ushers with D.L. Moody!)

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  1. Claire, you and your team did such a good job serving this past week! Thank you for all you're hard work :)


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