Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Children's Ministry's Senior Class

Here is my question this semester: Since when did I become a senior in college??! 

But really. Senior year came way quicker than I had expected. 

I graduate in December, not May, but still, I am now counted among the senior class and will be graduating this year, 2016. This is the senior class for the Children's Ministry department here at Moody. (Side note: I promise there are guys in this major; they just happen to not be seniors this semester!)

Our class is planning the NEXT Children's Ministry Conference this year that will happen right here on Moody's campus. We are hoping that by next week registration will be ready to go and you can find out all the info about the conference. Here's what I'll tell you for now...the theme is #HowTo. We'll be learning the practical skills of having a biblically grounded children's ministry that thrives! 

I present to you, our conference team, and also your seniors in Children's Ministry (and Mrs. Smith, our professor, is standing in the middle!). Coming soon to a world near you...

All images courtesy of Clairelyseen Photography...yes, I set up my tripod for these pictures! Yay! 

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  1. I love this post! The pictures are so fun, and seeing all the faces of the seniors, along with Mrs. Smith, is delightful! Can you believe YOU'RE a senior??!!


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